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Xiaoqinghe flood control comprehensive treatment project (Weifang section) main works completed


Xiaoqinghe flood control comprehensive treatment project is the "No.1 water conservancy project" determined by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government this year. Shouguang municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the construction of Weifang section, actively coordinate and dispatch; rely on cadres to closely follow closely, and fulfill their duties; construction enterprises seize the golden season of construction, reverse the construction period, and fight with wall charts. After more than four months of concerted efforts, on July 10 Successful completion of the main project construction tasks, to achieve the flood season can block tide, flood control and drainage function, to ensure the safety of the flood season.
On the afternoon of July 10, Chai Shouzeng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC municipal committee and member of the Party group, and Cui Weichuan, deputy secretary of Weifang Xiaoqinghe management office and director of the Bureau of housing and urban rural development, led the participating units to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the completion of the main works of the Xiaoqinghe flood control comprehensive treatment project, accompanied by Weifang Xiaoqinghe management office and its agent construction, supervision and monitoring.
After the inspection, a summary meeting was held. The director gave the speak. First, pay attention to the finishing work of the main project and clean up the project site as soon as possible according to the requirements of civilized construction; second, pay attention to the continuous construction work, especially the hardening of dam crest Road, the construction of hoist room and management room. Third, pay attention to the quality improvement work, the site management work should be conscientious and responsible, and the main project details should be handled. The fourth is to pay close attention to the safety production work, strengthen the "red line" consciousness, find out the potential safety hazards, deal with them in time, rectify them in time, and resolutely curb the occurrence of safety accidents; fifth, do a good job in flood control, and all construction enterprises should improve their positions to overcome the paralysis, It is necessary to prepare tons of bags, geotextiles, mobile power supply and other materials at the project site, coordinate personnel and machinery, do well in flood control preparation of this bid section, and regularly inspect flood control risk points to ensure safe flood control.

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