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Shuifa construction international company" was renamed as "Shuifa Overseas Construction Co., Ltd"


Due to the needs of the company's development, it was reported to Shuifa group for approval, and was approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The registration was completed in Beijing recently, marking the completion of the "Shuifa construction international company" and its name changed to "Shuifa Overseas Construction Co., Ltd.".
This name change start a new beginning. In the strategic intersection period of winning the 13th five year plan and planning the 14th five year plan, Shuifa Overseas Construction Co., Ltd. will concentrate its resources to build a high-end international business platform in Beijing, and lead the coordinated development of four major business types, namely, engineering contracting, overseas investment, international trade and management consulting, so as to give full play to the "Integration" advantage effect of international business. In accordance with the "star cluster management requirements" of Shuifa group and the deployment of Shuifa construction group to implement the establishment of industry primacy degree of Shuifa group and the deployment of top 500 strategic planning objectives, gradually realize the "five modernizations" positioning of strategic internationalization, brand internationalization, investment and financing internationalization, management internationalization and talent team internationalization.

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