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Bangladesh Nuclear Power Plant Dredging Project Spring Festival "Online"


During the Spring Festival, when most of the people were reunited and sharing their family ties, 29 people from the construction site of the dredging project of the Bangladesh Nuclear Power Station stayed at their posts and worked overtime to promote the construction of the project, so as to "race" with the time in the Spring of Yihai year and strive for a "good start" in the new year.

There are 15 tender sections for the maintenance dredging project of the Bangladesh Nuclear Power Plant. The construction of the 8th tender section of the Water Construction Group is the most difficult. The project department scientifically formulates production plans, arranges construction reasonably, and ensures efficient and safe production. "This is not our first Spring Festival without stopping work," said Yang Hongwen, head of the 1600 dredger. There is also a No. 2 engineering ship that does not stop during the Spring Festival. In order to let everyone feel the taste of hometown in a foreign land, project manager Yang Jindong organized staff to make dumplings, paste the lucky word, watch the Spring Festival Gala, and condolences to the employees who insisted on the post in the 30th, let everyone spend a warm and happy Spring Festival in a busy foreign land.

At present, the nuclear power plant maintenance dredging project has entered the comprehensive construction stage. It is planned to officially complete the trenching before the end of February, and complete all construction tasks of the 8 tender sections in mid-April.


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