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Iron Roses spirit exhibition-SDWP Organized tree planting activities for International Working Women's Day on March 8


At the approach of the 109thInternational Working Women's Day, on March 8th with the warm spring breeze , the Party Committee and enterprise labor union of SDWP organized a voluntary tree planting activity to celebrate this festival by this special way in which participated the women workers and party members.

This voluntary tree planting activity is one of SDWPs series volunteer service activities through which to improve environmental quality, reduce the smog and propose the employees to establish a new green fashion of "planting green, loving green, protecting green and flourishing green", to spread an ecological civilization, to be practitioner of afforestation and pioneers of protecting green. Start from oneself, start from now, start by little things around to love and protect environment and to contribute oneself to the construction of beautiful Jining City with practical actions.


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